Cooperative Education


Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Programs

China has been the biggest source country of international students since the 2009. With Chinese students’ growing demand for a more diverse educational experience, universities around the world are looking to establish their presence in China. International universities have begun to forge partnerships to establish various levels of transnational education in China.

Depending on the scope of the partnership, joint ventures operate on one of three levels of cooperation: the level of the university, institute, or degree:

  At the university level, Sino-foreign cooperative partnerships are the most fully developed. Institutions are literally built—they have their own physical campuses, facilities, and administrations.
 On an institute level, cooperative projects are attached to an existing local university, but do not have an independent legal status. This is the more traditional branch campus, in which the overseas university provides faculty and support, but classes and facilities are provided as part of the existing Chinese university.
•  Cooperative projects can be operated at the degree level (specific major) or specific program.

With the Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Programs, students can enjoy the high quality and high level of international education without setting foot out of China annually. Cooperative education has laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive growth of the students, promoted the standard of school education and the quality of personnel training, and greatly enhanced the international reputation and influence of the Chinese university.

Our team will help the Chinese university to seek a foreign partner university in the U.S. and the U.K. and other countries.  We will conduct a feasibility analysis to define the scope of the partnership, design a sustainable business model for the co-operative program, develop the implementation plan, and build a process to ensure the partnership cooperation is successful and adds value to the students.