Company Overview
SeaLand Consulting Services Co. Ltd., founded in Nanjing, is a global consultancy and education company. The company focuses on helping clients that are in the Belt and Road Region. We are committed to be “By Your Side”SM as a trusted partner, working alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to growinnovate and achieve extraordinary sustainable success. Our firm operates with a compelling mission and a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity. We live by our promise of partnershiprespect and service to all our stakeholders. The three major businesses of the company are management consulting, arts education and language and culture training.
SeaLand Consulting Services is a global consultancy that helps clients in the private, public and social sectors operating in the Belt and Road Region. We add value to our clients by combining our global expertise and local insight to provide customized solutions to overcome their challenges and turn their ambitious goals into reality with sustainable extraordinary results and success.

SeaLand Arts Education is dedicated to arts exchange and arts examination training. We provide practical art theory and experiential education to each of our art-loving students. We collaborate with a team of professional instructors from well-known art colleges and universities to build a management team that offers one of the most powerful arts training programs in the Belt and Road Region.

SeaLand Language and Culture delivers high impact Chinese and English language training to our clients from the Belt and Road Region. We establised a center to facilitate cross-cultural communication where our clients in the Belt and Road Region can appreciate cultural diversity and communicate, study, and share their international experiences.

Who We Are 

We at SeaLand strive to build a world-class organization that excels in the areas of business in which we operate, where the best people want to work, and which is the first choice of where clients and want to do business.


What We Do

We design and maintain the best systems and operations, hire the best people, commit to a strong work ethic, and strive to excel in serving our clients.  We focus on our clients’ challenges and critical issues, and explore opportunities to provide solutions to achieve sustainable growth and extraordinary results and success. We commit ourselves to be By Your Side”SM as a trusted partner throughout the process.


Our Code of Professional Conduct 

We live by our three promises: partnership, respect and service.

•  Our employees are the most valued assets of our company with a shared responsibility in fulfilling our mission.
•  We recognize that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees are the key factors in achieving our

•  We have created a company culture that promotes employee engagement, communication, teamwork and

•  We treat our partners, employees and clients with mutual respect and dignity.
•  We provide first-class service to all our clients.
•  We dedicate ourselves to taking a leadership role in the local community in which we operate, and making each
   community a better place because we are there.
How We Do
Strive to be the best
•  Build a world-class organization in the areas of business we operate
•  Be client-driven, consistently and efficiently delivering the best services
•  Innovate, learn and improve
•  Commit to excellence

Execute meticulously and brilliantly
•  Provide the best training and support
•  Design and maintain the best systems and operations
•  Measure performance through a complete and balanced scorecard

Build a winning culture and a great team
•  Operate with the highest standards of integrity
•  Train and retain great managers
•  Pay for performance
•  Foster an environment of respect and open communication
•  Give back to our communities