SeaLand Arts Education

SeaLand Arts Education

SeaLand Arts Education is dedicated to arts exchange and arts examination training. We provide practical art theory and experiential education to each of our art-loving students. We collaborate with a team of professional instructors from well-known art colleges and universities that offers one of the most powerful arts training programs in the Belt and Road Region.

Arts Education

We hire professional and well-respected professors and tutors from famous arts universities as members of our training team in the programs. We offer the following unique characteristics in our training programs:
  Arts teaching content from our highly dedicated and professional college tutors that will meet the artistic literacy needs of art students in art colleges;
  We provide our students the best learning environment to achieve the desired learning outcomes;
  Each professional tutor has many years of university teaching and practical experiences;
  Our programs offer high-impact systematic theoretical methods and art examination skills allowing students to experience in advance the professional basic courses taught in the arts university;
  We partner with highly reputable media companies and television networks to provide internship opportunities to enhance our students’ practical experience;
  We use high-impact teaching methods with an in-depth understanding of each student's learning capacity and develop a corresponding teaching plan according to each student’s own ability to complement the student’s professional requirements and goals;
  Our coaching and teaching plan includes: simulated practice test of real arts test problem exercises, face-to-face examiner lectures and a series of teaching system;
  We advise and counsel our students on the admission criteria for different arts colleges and universities and specific institutions of professional training and support the application process;
Advisement and preparation of students for the arts college entrance examinations.

Arts Exchange and Communication

We have created a forum “The SeaLand International Club” whereby we organize professional enrichment/development lectures and workshops, and experiential education activities and events such as international arts exchange activities, arts exhibitions, youth arts forums, and student arts workshops and exhibitions.
Our students are automatically enrolled as members of this unique club and are able to participate in these events and activities. This forum provides its own unique benefits to build an international cross-language arts and culture exchange bridge, and actively promote Chinese arts to the rest of the world.