English Training

SeaLand Language and Culture
SeaLand Language and Culture is a business unit of SeaLand Consulting Services. This unit is a professional international language and cross-cultural communication center providing our clients with professional language education and a platform where our clients can communicate, study, and share their international experiences. Our clients can participate in our professional enrichment/development workshops and experiential education events and activities. Our mission is to offer our clients the best value-added services and always “By Your Side”SM, as a trusted partner.

• English Training
English is one of the main languages in the world. However, in China, many people know English but cannot speak it fluently or use it correctly. SeaLand focuses on oral English training, providing professional training to adults who want to improve their English skills. We offer three main programs including Daily English, Business English and Test-oriented training (TOEFL/IELTS). Through our high impact cultural events and activities, we offer an opportunity for our clients to be actively engage in practical English communication. We also provide online English training to those clients who prefer to study remotely.

• Culture Communication
A country’s language is closely related to its history, culture and customs. Understanding the history and culture behind a certain language can help learners better appreciate and quickly master the language. SeaLand created a forum, “The SeaLand International Club”, to provide our clients ample opportunities to know the history, culture and custom of different countries and a network to interact with clients of different nationalities.
We organize professional enrichment/development lectures and workshops, and experiential education activities and events that will help our clients learn more about different cultures. For the foreign clients who are learning Chinese, we will enrich with you on Chinese traditional culture, customs and festivals. We want to help you acclimatize to living in China and have an appreciation for the Chinese culture.

Our Unique Characteristics
• Qualified & Professional Teachers
We have rigorous procedures and evaluation system to select qualified professional teachers. Each teacher must be certified and has at least 3 years of teaching experiences. We have periodical class observations and a teacher’s assessment system to ensure continuous improvement of the teaching curriculum, teaching quality and teacher’s initiative in the programs.

• High-Impact Customized Services
Our course consultant team provide value-added high-impact customized services to each student, including pre-study test, individualized study plan, course arrangement, quizzes and exams, study evaluation report, satisfaction survey, etc. These services guarantee that each student has the best learning environment and support system and the learning outcomes are achieved.

• Professional Enrichment & Experiential Education Events/Activities
The SeaLand International Club organizes monthly cultural events & activities to enhance the development of our clients. These events and activities include cultural workshops, speech contest, recitation contest, poem appreciation, film colloquium, arts communication and outdoor cultural excursions. Our clients are automatically enrolled as members of this unique club and are able to participate in these events and activities.